Score Points

Here are the basics

With everything you need to know about getting rewarded.

The Drop Dictionary

Boosted? Stacked Deals? Find out what it all means in the Drop Dictionary.


When an offer is boosted, that means it’s time to score BIG. Think of boosted offers as a promotional period where you can get even more Drop Points than usual, and make huge deposits into your account.

Card Icon

When you see the card icon on an offer, it means it’s a card-linked offer. That means  you can use your linked card to automatically score Drop Points online, and in some cases, in-store! 

Card Linked Offer

Linking your card gives you access to exclusive card-linked offers. These offers help you automatically score points when you use your linked debit or credit card. All you have to do is activate your card-linked offers every Wednesday.

Stacked Deals

We want you to get the most out of Drop, so we’ve sourced promo codes that you can use to save while shopping! These offers are “stacked offers,” because you get discounts AND points all at once.